“Kathleen has a way of seeing your potential, then coaxing it out of you. The time with Kathleen was challenging but fun and worth every penny. I was so inspired working with Kathleen. She is so talented! My overall level of performance has been elevated by her influence. I am so grateful for what Kathleen has given to me and encourage anyone who is considering working with Kathleen to do so – it will change your life.”

Chad Perrin, Owner of Aluma Marine & Fabrication, LLC


“Kathleen is a consummate professional whose passion for singing is matched only by her skill in conveying that passion to others. She commands a room with ease, and her enthusiasm and love for bringing out the strengths in others is easily seen in their performances. She truly has the ability to teach anyone. She understands the intricate science behind what it takes to use your voice effectively, and she uses that knowledge to meet who she is teaching wherever they are and help them grow from there. Kathleen is an especially effective leader because her teaching style is so warm and encouraging. She believes in your ability and draws success out of you!”

Meredith Peltier, Visitor Services Associate at the World War II Museum


“As a busy working professional, I’ve found that my time with Kathleen’s has upped my level of self-awareness and increased my overall performance to a higher level. I am so grateful for the skills I’ve learned from Kathleen. I encourage any and all who are interested in working with her to do so immediately! I guarantee they will gain skills and so much knowledge in a very creative way.”

Jayna Morgan, Professional Jazz Vocalist


Working with Dr. Westfall has helped me discover the potential of my voice and become the best, most confident version of myself.”

Meryl Zimmerman, Professional Jazz Vocalist


“Kathleen Westfall is as professional as she is knowledgeable. Working for her was a joy. She understands an audience from all aspects of communication but, what is most important, Kathleen has a clarity in sharing her knowledge with others. I look forward to working with her again.”

Joshua Talley, Non-Profit Organization Coach


“Before learning from Dr. Westfall I had built up a wall around myself which hindered me from reaching my greatest potential. I was extremely unforgiving of myself and too afraid to let myself go and grow for fear of failure. Dr. Westfall’s approach with me was patient, supportive and encouraging. Her kindness and extensive technical knowledge taught me more than I could have imagined possible. I learned so much about the beauty and technique of singing while working with Dr. Westfall. She brought me out of my shell and for that I am eternally grateful.”

Chloe Bertrand, Barista and Student of Education


“Dr. Kathleen Westfall strives to bring out the best in those she works with, and that is evident in all of her work. She is a creative and dynamic leader.”

Katherine White, Chapter Development Director at The Honor Society of Phi Kappa Phi


“I’ve worked with Kathleen on numerous occasions. She is a brilliant and visionary woman. Her leadership ability is enormous. She is able to put together a production so succinctly, so well thought out, that the end result will undoubtedly evince immense dedication and commitment. She is inspiring and uplifting. Every chance to work with Kathleen provides that kind of opportunity.”

Tyrone Chambers, Professional Vocalist


​​​“I had the privilege of being a participant of Dr. Kathleen’s teachings on multiple occasions. The lessons I learned have made me into a more successful and confidant performer and presenter. The tools and training I received will stay with me forever. I was very timid, but I now feel more confidant about my vocal ability. I am proud to say that I am now a leader in my work community and I know Dr. Kathleen’s teachings helped me get here. She was gentle but firm in her approach and knew exactly how far to push me. Without question, I would recommend Dr. Westfall’s services to anyone interested in becoming their best self.”

Karen Aneedra Milligan, The University of New Orleans Office Manager


“I couldn’t be more delighted to recommend Kathleen Westfall and her incredible skills as a coach. I was looking for a coach who would understand my desire for performing while instilling confidence in my abilities. Kathleen did just that. She is extraordinarily knowledgeable, patient, kind and knows exactly how to correct your deficiencies. Just the other day someone asked me how I avoided tension — I immediately responded “Kathleen” because I remember what she encouraged me to do — breathe, focus, support and love what you are doing. I am so grateful to Kathleen Westfall and know that anyone who is lucky enough to learn from her will certainly feel rewarded!”

Vicki G. Moran, Social Media Director – Beatriz Ball Collection


“Dr. Kathleen has the skills and dedication to give even non-singers an appreciation for the art. She instructs with tact and knowledge and caters to people’s strengths to help them grow.”

Brittani Houghtlen, Teacher at Crescent Lotus Studio


“Taking a lesson with Dr. Westfall is akin to gaining a full anatomic diagnosis of one’s voice. She instantly gains a picture of all of the physiological workings of the body at the first sound one makes and is able, from the bottom up, to come up with myriad ways of addressing the issues at every stage of vocal sound production. It’s a remarkable skill, one that helped me as a very frustrated beginning speaker and performer come up with ways to finally take my vocal ability to the next level. I’ve heard this corroborated by with anyone who’s ever worked with her, and would recommend her talents to any who are serious of furthering their skills.”

Rex Gregory, Adjunct Professor of Woodwinds, Tulane University


“Dr. Kathleen Westfall has been an incredible inspiration to me! She has a knack for really explaining the elements of healthy phonation that are often hard to articulate. Through learning about singing I have gained many other skills! I’m so thankful for the opportunity to work with her. After working with her I feel empowered and inspired.”

Meghan Swartz, Pianist/Vocalist


“Kathleen is not only a skilled director and leader, but a dedicated and effective teacher as well. I have seen her take a group of people and draw out their best.”

Dr. Dan Shore, Professor at Xavier University


Having Dr. Westfall as a vocal coach was a blessing that I never deserved. Her knowledge of voice and music as well as her skills in techniques and instruction allowed me to tremendously improve my voice as an instrument, allowed me to appreciate a wider range of music and composers and most importantly, set me on a path towards improvement. Despite being a working professional with a tight schedule, she maintained excellent communication and was very accommodating to ensure my progress only continued. My success is her success and it wouldn’t have been possible without her honest, exciting and respectful personality which integrated her skills, knowledge and musical curiosity in a way that was delivered simply and exceptionally – I will always be grateful for this.

Andrey Borisyuk


Dr. Westfall is a brilliant and intuitive musician. Her direction helped me grow not only as a singer, but as a person. She pushed me to be a better musician, and has cheered me on through musical achievements. I can honestly say my career wouldn’t be what it is today without her. I am so grateful for our two years of work together.

Erin McDaniels


I had a great year of private vocal instruction from Dr. Westfall!! I was able to develop a much better and improved singing posture and tone! Her knowledge and flexibility with foreign languages proved to be very helpful and insightful (I come from a slavic-speaking background), as well as rewarding – she helped me discover French, Italian, and German songs! Her tips were always helpful and effective – I have used many techniques and explanations with my choir, who has also seen improvements with their vocal abilities! She’s always open for a challenge and prepares well for lessons – this helped with smooth lesson transitions. She is a great instructor and person – our candor was always amicable and she’ll provide helpful but kind criticism when necessary.

Alesya Borisyuk